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Our Tax Relief Services provide legal remedies to reduce and may even eliminate the amount of back taxes, interest, and/or penalties that are owed to the IRS.
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Written by Tracie Lowe, CPA on December 17th 2021
It is hard to beat the freedom and flexibility of freelancing and gig work. When you work for yourself, you can set your own hours, turn your home into an office and even ditch the daily commute....
Written by Tracie Lowe, CPA,CGMA on December 4th 2021
The holidays are here. Not to be a grinch but right around the corner is a less fondly anticipated time of year. Before you know it, you will be taking down the Christmas tree, pulling down the holiday lights and getting ready for the tax season to come.
Tax season is decidedly less fun than holiday season, but the two times of year do have one thing in common. Just like the holidays, tax season requires lots of preparation and planning, and if you want to be ready, you need to start early...
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