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...Don't Ignore the Notices.  Contact Us to get Peace of Mind. The IRS Acts Differently When You have Representation.When I step in as Your CPA the IRS can no longer HARASS you.

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Our Tax Relief Services provide legal remedies to reduce and may even eliminate the amount of back taxes, interest, and/or penalties
that are owed to the IRS.


...We can get you ready for your tax audit, review a final notice of assessment, and develop a strategy for a case when you disagree with an audit result....


Having professional representation during an IRS audit is crucial because tax laws are complex and navigating the audit process requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Tax professionals understand the intricacies of tax regulations, can interpret complex tax codes, and effectively communicate with IRS agents on behalf of the taxpayer. They can ensure that your rights are protected, help you gather necessary documentation, and provide strategic guidance, significantly increasing your chances of a favorable resolution and minimizing potential penalties or liabilities.


...We can review your tax issues and prepare an Offer In Compromise, a Settlement Offer, or IRS Correspondence. These are just a few of the options within your Rights as a Taxpayer....


Receiving IRS notices is a critical matter that should never be ignored. Addressing these notices promptly is essential to avoid potential legal consequences, penalties, or financial liabilities. Ignoring IRS correspondence can lead to escalating issues, so it's crucial to respond promptly, seek professional advice if needed, and comply with their instructions to resolve any tax-related concerns effectively.


...Yes, we can assist to get your lien release so your can sale or buy a new home. We can prevent and even stop wage garnishments. All you need is our professional representation. We deal with the IRS Agent, Collections, or Revenue Officer directly....


Unexpected wage garnishments, liens, and levies can significantly disrupt your financial stability, leading to a loss of income and assets. It is essential to address these situations promptly, seeking legal advice if necessary, to understand your rights, negotiate with the IRS or creditors, and work towards a resolution that protects your financial well-being.


...We understand things happen. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to get behind in filing several years of tax returns. We can review your back tax filing issues, prepare them with little or no records, and start the settlement offer with the IRS....


Having back taxes can have serious consequences with the IRS, leading to penalties, interest charges, and potential legal actions such as wage garnishments, liens, or levies on your property. Failure to address back taxes promptly can negatively impact your credit score, hinder your ability to secure loans or mortgages, and result in additional financial stress. It is crucial to address unpaid taxes promptly, either by setting up a payment plan, negotiating a settlement, or seeking professional tax assistance to avoid escalating issues with the IRS.

Our customers are satisfied with our services


Ms. Lowe worked with my brother for several months to get him some relief from IRS. He had suffered from a brain tumor a few years earlier and his children and I were very concerned that he was unable to understand the depth of his tax issues. Since he could no longer work, had thousands of dollars in medical and prescription bills, we felt he should not also be taxed beyond his capacity to pay. Our entire family saw and felt the stress the IRS bills caused my brother. Ms. Lowe stepped in, took over all communications with IRS, and was able to get most of his debt written off. Words cannot express the relief we all felt when we were told the IRS would no longer be dunning my brother. She kept in touch with us all along the way, telling us what was needed and what would probably happen. She was right on the money, and we will forever be grateful for her kindness, patience, and skills. We could not have had a better person or CPA to work with us. We can’t recommend Tracie Lowe, CPA enough. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude


Jacksonville, FL

I was in a state of an emergency and I called to set up an appointment for a consultation and as I was explaining my issue Mrs. Lowe was taking action. This was totally not what I expected my issue was addressed immediately with no time waisted. The service was beyond my expectations as my issue was immediately address with the IRS . I am so thankful for this kind service I don't think I would not have received this type of service elsewhere. Thank you so very much Mrs. Lowe and I look forward to working with you. Kind regards Melissa


Tampa, FL

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New Client Acceptance

At OnPoint Tax Relief, welcoming new clients is a seamless and personalized process designed to ease the burden of tax-related stress. Our dedicated team understands the urgency and sensitivity of your tax issues, which is why we have streamlined our onboarding procedure. When new clients reach out to us, our experienced professionals conduct an initial consultation to comprehensively assess their tax situation. During this consultation, we take the time to listen attentively, understanding the unique challenges each client faces. Based on this understanding, we develop a tailored strategy to address their specific needs, whether it involves IRS audit representation, tax debt resolution, or any other tax-related concern. We prioritize clear communication, ensuring our clients are well-informed about the process, timelines, and the steps we'll take to alleviate their tax burden. By providing transparent and expert guidance from the very beginning, OnPoint Tax Relief strives to instill confidence and trust in our new clients, reassuring them that their tax problems are in capable hands

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As you probably saw from the awesome video above, the Program is an elite group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are “in the trenches” doing things NO ONE else is doing... writing their own hefty paychecks... and living the life they’ve always wanted!

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If Problems With The IRS Are Keeping You Up At Night You’ve Come To The Right Place.
At CPATaxSolver We Specialize In Issues Relating To Unfiled Tax Returns, Unpaid Taxes, Liens, Levies, Audit Representation, Foreign Bank Account Reporting, And Any Other Type Of Tax Controversy.
Our Firm Has A Nationally Recognized Tax Resolution Expert Right In Your Backyard. We Are Ready To Go To Work For You.

Don't Go It Alone

Tracie Lowe, CPA
The Top International
Tax Resolution Specialist

Tracie graduated from one of the Top 5 Universities in Accountancy from the University of Florida with both a Masters & Bachelors Degree. After graduation she joined Deloitte, one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms in the World. After six years of working with Fortune 500 Companies, she was recruited to be the CFO of a Global Medical Supply Company that grossed over $30 Million a year in sales. She is a leader, professional, & a fighter. Using her experience in Corporate America, she is now helping businesses & individuals by representing those with Accounting, Business, & Tax Issues.

about our expert

The CPA is considered an expert of the experts. Licensed & Admitted to Practice Before the IRS. The Tax Practice is a professional administrative tax representation firm.

The CPA is a licensed tax professional and is authorized by the Federal Government to represent taxpayers before all levels of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The IRS Maze

You have protections available to you. At OnPoint Tax Relief, we help shield our clients from this overbearing threat of IRS collection by

You Need An Expert on Your Side... 

Dealing with the IRS is an overwhelming task...You need an ally on your side. We understand you and your struggle. The IRS has a goal in collection cases to collect "ALL" amounts they believe are due. We help get you through the process, we take on the hurdles for you, and remove the stress of that dreaded IRS Investigation process. You can use our years of experience, knowledge, & shielding to help you resolve your tax matter....


Get Peace of Mind Back With
OnPoint Tax Relief Services.
Your Path to Stress-Free iRS Solutions!

Our Services:

  • Representation tax laws are intricate, and any misstep can lead to severe consequences. A CPA is one of only three credentialed professionals that are authorized to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Power of Attorney once we are your representative.  You never have to speak to the IRS again. Know that Tracie Lowe, CPA has the credentials, specialization, and the additional training in Tax Resolution to represent Individuals & Business before the IRS as a Power of Attorney (POA).
  • Case Review we provide you with the best scenieros for your specific situation.
  • Tax Court Filings sometimes it is neccessary to appeal to the US Courts.
  • Appeals never take the first "NO" as an answer.
  • ​Time Mangement meeting deadlines is crucial.
  • Post Review we stay with you after the settlement and continue to review your files for compliance.

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Even if right now, you can’t say you 100% believe in that We Can Get Through This... 

it’s OK.

So many were there at one point, too... At OnPoint Tax Relief, we specialize in settling your tax problems with expertise and efficiency. Our experienced team is dedicated to finding tailored solutions that alleviate your tax burden, providing you with peace of mind and financial stability. Let us handle the complexities while you regain control of your finances!!


Over 25 years of representation

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